Crimp terminal for aluminum wire and method of crimping terminal of aluminum wire



【課題】アルミニウム電線の導体部に対する剪断力を低減して導体部の芯線切れを防ぐことにより、アルミニウム電線の電気的な接続信頼性を確保できるアルミニウム電線用の圧着端子およびアルミニウム電線の端子圧着方法を提供する。 【解決手段】アルミニウム電線用の圧着端子50は、端子間接続部51と、端子間接続部51に連続して形成されておりアルミニウム電線53の導体部54に圧着されるバレル56を有する電線接続部52を備え、電線接続部52のバレル56は、端子間接続部51側に位置される第1端部71と、第1端部71とは反対側に位置される第2端部72を有し、第2端部72には、導体部54の保持領域を拡げるために徐々に広げた逃げ部80が形成されている。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a crimp terminal for an aluminum wire and a method of crimping a terminal of an aluminum wire which reduce a shearing force acting on a conductor portion of the aluminum wire to prevent the breakage of the core of the conductor portion, thus ensure the electrical connection reliability of the aluminum wire. SOLUTION: The crimp terminal 50 for the aluminum wire includes an inter-terminal connection portion 51, and a wire connection portion 52 which is formed to be continuous to the inter-terminal connection portion 51 and has a barrel 56 to be crimped to the conductor portion 54 of the aluminum wire 53. The barrel 56 of the wire connection portion 52 has a first end 71 located closer to the inter-terminal connection portion 51, and a second end 72 located opposite to the first end 71. The second end 72 has a relief portion 80 that is widened gradually to expand a holding area for the conductor portion 54. COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT




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